No quotable quotes?

Isn’t it amazing how the liberal press is attempting to create a Democratic winner in last night’s debate?  I’ve heard it said that Senator Obama made no gaffes, and thus won.  And, after all, Obama must win because there were no quotable quotes!

Well, I have a completely different reaction to last night’s debate. 

Senator McCain was engaging, decisive, humorous, informed, and obviously experienced enough to step right into the job of President.  He was gracious in remembering Senator Kennedy’s illness. He was mindful of the great sacrifice of our military. He was respectful of his opponent, always calling him Senator.  And, he corrected many obvious misstatements made by Senator Obama. 

Senator McCain showed himself ready, willing, and able to be President of the United States last night, as he has for many years in the past.

And, if you want a quotable quote, how about Senator McCain insisting he knows and loves our veterans and will protect them?  What about Senator McCain saying of his opponent:  “After all, it is pretty hard to reach across the aisle when you are so far left!”

Although quotable quote should not decide a winner, if that is the standard, then Senator McCain comes out the winner again!

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