Obama – Ambushing Bush Again!


Isn’t it pathetic that President Obama still feels a need to destroy the reputation of his predecessor, rather than to destroy terrorists?

Democrats, exemplified byObama, have become political, and opportunistic,  attack dogs.  Rather than listening to the American public who wants no part of health care reform or the cap and trade, Democrats are bullrushing the legislation through.  Rather than admitting that the stimulus has promoted neither  job growth nor a better economic environment in the U.S., they fudge numbers and talk about “saved” jobs.   They must really think we’re dumb.  The only job growth there’s been is in government with Obama’s coterie of czars!

President Bush kept us safe after 9/11.  There have been several terrorist disasters in just the first year of Obama’s reign.

If I could speak with President Obama for five minutes, I would tell him to stop blaming someone else when his own inexperience is to blame.  I would tell him to stop forcing HIS agenda on an unwilling American citizens.

But, he won’t listen.  He’s too busy ambushing Bush!

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