Discrimination FOR unions —


Discrimination is not only when one ethnic group suppresses another.  Discrimination occurs whenever one group of American citizens receives a special advantage over another and, usually, the discriminated group ends up paying more for something .  The health care reform legislation is just the latest, although one of the most blatant, example of discrimination against Americans who have tried to provide for their families and employees.   Already, certain  “superior” Americans like Congress and the President will not even be part of the reform!  How unfair and unAmerican is that?

If it’s good enough for everyday Americans, then it should be good enough for Congress and the President!

However, EVERYONE who actually pays the bills for big government knew it was only a matter of time before Unions, like Congress and the President, would be exempt from paying for this pseudo health reform bill.  Well, now it is official.  Unions will NOT have to pay for their Cadillac plans.  WHY DO UNIONS GET A SPECIAL BREAK?  The only reason to exempt anyone is that they are a voting group and are worth more to the Democrats in election years than the rest of us….so,they buy their votes with OUR tax dollars.

Of course this means that we, the ordinary folk,  will be paying even more to support yet another PREFERRED  group of Americans!

Thanks, Obama and Congress.  You have successfully bought the Union’s vote by exempting them from the Cadillac health care tax provision.  Discrimination is alive and well in Obama’s and Congress’  sphere of influence!

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