Money well spent…

Here’s a simple question; if you could spend money to implement a new computer lab in a school, or spend money on iPod touch’s for teachers, which would you chose? The obvious answer would be the computers as they have a chance of being used by more students and to greater capacity. Of course, that’s not what’s going on here.

The amount of money wasted in education is downright ridiculous. I’m all for technology to be implemented everywhere and for all the opportunities in the world for education to be tied into technology. Without knowledge in technology and related areas, you have no chance of success in the real world. However, wanting technology doesn’t mean go nuts and buy everything that has the technology tag, such as iPods.

Another area of concern is the students with special needs. I’m not saying leave them behind, or that they shouldn’t get the same opportunities because that’s not right, but when the special education department gets more money and grants than the rest of the school even when they have a fraction of the student population, is complete waste of money. Sure, there’s a need for technology with the special needs kids, but when the teachers of special education get new laptops because of a grant from the state, that’s not for the students, that’s for the teachers.

One final note on the special education and other needs, is the notion that today we give everyone a second, third, and fourth chance. Some students who are expelled from school are allowed to return to school. If they are complete train-wrecks, they are allowed to attend an alternative school, where they sit around and get to play foosball all day.

Why did I ever behave myself, when I could have fooled around all day? Society has to take a stand on this foolishness.

Mr. Knowledge

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