Health “care” or “scare” ?????

Democratic legislators are trying desperately to convince Americans that the Health Care bill they propose is a solution for anything wrong with our current health care system.  You know what?  I don’t care!

I don’t care that they TELL me it is for my own best interests.  I know better.  Government has NEVER run anything efficiently or well.  I WANT the current system to remain because it has served me, and everyone I know,  very well.

I don’t care that Specter, and Pelosi, and Reid, and others are saying that the protestors “don’t represent the American people.”   Unless they have a referendum on health care, there is NO way for anyone to actually know what Americans think of any issue.  Elections are indications of general philosophies, but they are terrible indicators of attitudes on specific issue.

I do care that these legislators are using MY, and your, tax money to convince us to accept a program that we don’t want.  I do care that these legislators are calling us names when we voice our opinions.

I do care that, in the rush to pass legislation, a new system will be enacted which will devastate health care as we know it.  No one will be better off.  Everyone will suffer.  But, the legislators have forgotten that they are supposed to represent US – yes the United States is US-  rather than TELL us what to think, feel, say, or do!  Some legislators think they were elected to be gods, not representatives of the People.

So, health CARE?  A better name would be Health SCARE!

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