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My Email To The Wisconsin DMV

I have a couple questions about renewing my license plates online.  First of all, why is there a ‘convience fee’ with renewing online.  It takes less man-hours to have everything done automatically by the computers online, so I would think you would want people to renew online.  In the end, it’s probably less money for you to process credit cards than it is for someone to rip open my envelope. That basically reduces the paperwork to zero.  Secondly, why do I have to sit through a 15 second video before I register my plates.  Is the fee I paid to register the plates there so that I can pay the actors who frankly, a complete farce, star in the video for the drunk driving ads that probably don’t work anyways.

Thank you governmental bureaucracy.

Money well spent…

Here’s a simple question; if you could spend money to implement a new computer lab in a school, or spend money on iPod touch’s for teachers, which would you chose? The obvious answer would be the computers as they have a chance of being used by more students and to greater capacity. Of course, that’s not what’s going on here.

The amount of money wasted in education is downright ridiculous. I’m all for technology to be implemented everywhere and for all the opportunities in the world for education to be tied into technology. Without knowledge in technology and related areas, you have no chance of success in the real world. However, wanting technology doesn’t mean go nuts and buy everything that has the technology tag, such as iPods.

Another area of concern is the students with special needs. I’m not saying leave them behind, or that they shouldn’t get the same opportunities because that’s not right, but when the special education department gets more money and grants than the rest of the school even when they have a fraction of the student population, is complete waste of money. Sure, there’s a need for technology with the special needs kids, but when the teachers of special education get new laptops because of a grant from the state, that’s not for the students, that’s for the teachers.

One final note on the special education and other needs, is the notion that today we give everyone a second, third, and fourth chance. Some students who are expelled from school are allowed to return to school. If they are complete train-wrecks, they are allowed to attend an alternative school, where they sit around and get to play foosball all day.

Why did I ever behave myself, when I could have fooled around all day? Society has to take a stand on this foolishness.

Mr. Knowledge

Health “care” or “scare” ?????

Democratic legislators are trying desperately to convince Americans that the Health Care bill they propose is a solution for anything wrong with our current health care system.  You know what?  I don’t care!

I don’t care that they TELL me it is for my own best interests.  I know better.  Government has NEVER run anything efficiently or well.  I WANT the current system to remain because it has served me, and everyone I know,  very well.

I don’t care that Specter, and Pelosi, and Reid, and others are saying that the protestors “don’t represent the American people.”   Unless they have a referendum on health care, there is NO way for anyone to actually know what Americans think of any issue.  Elections are indications of general philosophies, but they are terrible indicators of attitudes on specific issue.

I do care that these legislators are using MY, and your, tax money to convince us to accept a program that we don’t want.  I do care that these legislators are calling us names when we voice our opinions.

I do care that, in the rush to pass legislation, a new system will be enacted which will devastate health care as we know it.  No one will be better off.  Everyone will suffer.  But, the legislators have forgotten that they are supposed to represent US – yes the United States is US-  rather than TELL us what to think, feel, say, or do!  Some legislators think they were elected to be gods, not representatives of the People.

So, health CARE?  A better name would be Health SCARE!

In the ring with Boxing Boxer

Senator Boxer was so upset by a Brigadeer General who replied to her as “ma’am” that she requested he call her “senator”.  She apparently does not understand that the military use “ma’am” and “sir” as terms of respect to an authority.  If Boxer had been a man, the General would have been using “sir”.

In trying to make it appear that the General was being rude, she actually showed her ignorance of military protocol. That doesn’t surprise me.  No one in the Obama administration nor most Democrats understand how important the military is to our safety.  And, they certainly do not respect our armed forces nor are they willing to financially support their missions!

During a terse exchange, as Boxer pressed Walsh on why the levees in New Orleans are still not repaired nearly four years after Hurricane Katrina, she said to Walsh:

“Could you say ‘senator’ instead of ‘ma’am? It’s just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title. I’d appreciate it.”

The general’s response? “Yes, Senator.”

The blogosphere exploded with reaction following the senator’s comments, with some arguing the senator deserves to be addressed by the title she’s earned through three Senate elections, and others saying it’s the general who deserves a little more respect.

GM — Governmental Madness

Today, we lost an iconic,  American business in GM’s bankruptcy.  It was brought down by many factors, including excessive union demands and governmental regulations.  And, it won’t be the last company to drown in the politically correct “muck” that makes demands which prevent a company from being competitive in the world.  Too many American companies are weighed down by excessive regulations, expensive union contracts that prevent competitive pricing, environmental concerns that only the American companies must address, and the inevitable  threat of costly litigation if they step “out”  of the politically correct line.

Governmental regulations and intrusion into the business world have cast a long shadow on anyone considering a new business or even investing in a new business.  When the government can arbitrarily decide that one group with no financial stake — i.e., the unions — takes precedence over those who actually invested in a company — i.e., the bond holders — then few are going to be willing to risk their assets in any business that the government could possibly take over.  Usually, this is called nationalization and only happens in third world countries, like Chavez in Venezuela,  where dictators routinely seize assets to improve their own power and control of a country.  For it to happen in America is absolutely unthinkable and absolutely outside the rights granted to our government in our Constitution.  Yet, it did because the Lieberals want to control every aspect of everyone’s life.

So, GM, or Generous Motors is no longer.  Now, it’s hello, GM —  Governmental Madness– the guaranteed method of destroying anyone with ambition… and all to placate the masses. In the long run, destroying those who work hard and save their income has never helped those less successful.   There are always repercussions as New Jersey discovered when they overtaxed millionaires.  Those fortunate enough to leave New Jersey did so, and tax revenue went down!  You can’t make a short man tall by cutting off the legs of a tall man.  And, neither does exorbitant taxation of the wealthy create a harmonious and industrious  society.  Government was meant to facilitate the pursuit of happiness, not become the “Great Measurer” of who gets what.

Judging the Judges……….

Tommy DeSeno is quoted on the Drudge as saying:  “Since she is replacing a liberal –  Justice David Souter — the appointment will be of no consequence to America.”  He is speaking, of course, about the newest nominee for the Supreme Court.  And, he obviously doesn’t care whether she is qualified or not.  He just wants her confirmed!

His statement is pure political speech.  There are few jobs more important than those of the judges of the Supreme Court and each and every one of them should be scrutinized right down to their toe nails, just like Clarence Thomas was.  Enough of this political correctness foolishness.  Make sure the nominee is going to make decisions based on the constitution, not on ethnicity, gender, or political philosophy.

Unfortunately, Soltemayor has said that courts DO create policy.  That is contrary to the Constitution.

She HAS said that judicial decisions might be different if they come from a man or woman, a latino or an old white guy.  That, too, is directly opposed to the theory of blind justice that supposedly rules our country, and is a fundamental tenet of our Constitution.

She does not seem to have the judicial temperament that the Constitution requires.  If these comments are truly her philosophy — and there is no reason to doubt it — then, she should NOT BE CONFIRMED.

And, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, I hope that you will not be swayed by flippant arguments such as Tommy DeSeno proposes.  EVERY judge on the Supreme Court is important.  And, EVERY judge should be weighed and balanced as to their judicial temperament.  This is a lifetime appointment and we can’t afford to make a mistake just because some want to have “their” nominee win.  Choosing a Justice is not a game.  It is a matter of Supreme urgency.

Fair target or not?

In recent days, much has been made of the Missouri ad campaign both for and against their referendum, #2, which concerns cloning.

Michael J. Fox’s ad supports such research for obvious reasons. He has a horrible, rapidly advancing disease and he is desperate to be cured. The bottom line, though, is that he is willing to sacrifice the right to life of the “embryo” if it cures him. His position certainly is not philanthropic, but self-serving.

Another group, also including celebrities but with nothing to gain, has created an opposing ad which explains the false advertising of referendum # 2. In fact, the financial supporters of measure # 2 stand to gain financially and that alone should make people stop and consider the issue.

Unfortunately, the media are in full cry– not because the facts support Mr. Fox — but because they say it is unjustified to attack M.J. Fox who is a victim of a cruel disease. While it is true that M.J. Fox is grievously ill, it is also true that he gave up his right to be considered a “victim” when he opted to make the commercial. At that point, he became a political player.

So, let’s have a close examination of all the political issues and not allow glitzy Hollywood figures to present themselves as experts. The only thing Hollywood is good at is making movies. Let’s leave the important decisions to those who are the real experts — the American voters!