Judging the Judges……….


Tommy DeSeno is quoted on the Drudge as saying:  “Since she is replacing a liberal –  Justice David Souter — the appointment will be of no consequence to America.”  He is speaking, of course, about the newest nominee for the Supreme Court.  And, he obviously doesn’t care whether she is qualified or not.  He just wants her confirmed!

His statement is pure political speech.  There are few jobs more important than those of the judges of the Supreme Court and each and every one of them should be scrutinized right down to their toe nails, just like Clarence Thomas was.  Enough of this political correctness foolishness.  Make sure the nominee is going to make decisions based on the constitution, not on ethnicity, gender, or political philosophy.

Unfortunately, Soltemayor has said that courts DO create policy.  That is contrary to the Constitution.

She HAS said that judicial decisions might be different if they come from a man or woman, a latino or an old white guy.  That, too, is directly opposed to the theory of blind justice that supposedly rules our country, and is a fundamental tenet of our Constitution.

She does not seem to have the judicial temperament that the Constitution requires.  If these comments are truly her philosophy — and there is no reason to doubt it — then, she should NOT BE CONFIRMED.

And, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, I hope that you will not be swayed by flippant arguments such as Tommy DeSeno proposes.  EVERY judge on the Supreme Court is important.  And, EVERY judge should be weighed and balanced as to their judicial temperament.  This is a lifetime appointment and we can’t afford to make a mistake just because some want to have “their” nominee win.  Choosing a Justice is not a game.  It is a matter of Supreme urgency.

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