Fair target or not?

In recent days, much has been made of the Missouri ad campaign both for and against their referendum, #2, which concerns cloning.

Michael J. Fox’s ad supports such research for obvious reasons. He has a horrible, rapidly advancing disease and he is desperate to be cured. The bottom line, though, is that he is willing to sacrifice the right to life of the “embryo” if it cures him. His position certainly is not philanthropic, but self-serving.

Another group, also including celebrities but with nothing to gain, has created an opposing ad which explains the false advertising of referendum # 2. In fact, the financial supporters of measure # 2 stand to gain financially and that alone should make people stop and consider the issue.

Unfortunately, the media are in full cry– not because the facts support Mr. Fox — but because they say it is unjustified to attack M.J. Fox who is a victim of a cruel disease. While it is true that M.J. Fox is grievously ill, it is also true that he gave up his right to be considered a “victim” when he opted to make the commercial. At that point, he became a political player.

So, let’s have a close examination of all the political issues and not allow glitzy Hollywood figures to present themselves as experts. The only thing Hollywood is good at is making movies. Let’s leave the important decisions to those who are the real experts — the American voters!

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