Ignorance is Bliss….

Today’s young voters, and sometimes even older voters are ignorant to policies and ideas. This problem has caused many times for people who do not deserve to be elected, Jim Doyle for instance, into office.

First things first. Doyle has raised tuition 52 percent in the 4 years since he’s taken office. Now I read that he’s going to give a tax write-off to instate students to help with the extra burden. Of course this is a political stunt because he’s being chastised for raising tuition by the Green camp. So, as a normal lib, he tries to pull some ass backwards idea out to help save him. Isn’t it time we hold him accountable? Of course, all the ignorant people out there will forget the increase and only see his tax break and be, “Hey, he’s looking out for us.” Well, he isn’t. He’s looking out to cover own backside, to win re-election, and then in the end blame someone else for the tuition problems.

Secondly, Harley-Davidson is moving a plant out of the state. This is because of some tax problems with their employes who already earn a crap load and have great benefits. Harley wants to increase production, so they’d need to cut some of these benefits, at least that’s what I’ve heard. To keep them in the state, Doyle was going to give them a tax break. Harley voted it down, and they are moving out of state. Now, if a sitting Republican had made that tax break to them, they would be ‘giving a tax break to corporations‘. But since it’s a democrat, he’s trying to improve economy. So, big time companies do help economy. Hm… I guess those GWB tax breaks do work.

Third is a little more head slapper. I know someone who is a very huge enviromentalist. She hates any kind of developement because it’s destorying what is already there. That has some basis. Yes stuff is being destroyed because of building, but you have to remember, population IS increasing. This is where it gets good though as she claimed that if banks have a loan on some land, and a developer wants to buy it, the banks can just take the land and sell it to the developer. When people have the wrong facts, it’s almost ridiculous. Infact, it IS ridiculous. When you base part of your opinion off of lies and false truths, then your opinion should be thrown out. She has many good points about people destroying the enviroment, but when her opinions are tainted by false ideas like this, you wonder why someone feels strongly about a point. Is it based off a lie, or do they actually have facts to back it up? It falls right in line with Barrett from UW-Madison. You have a right to freedom of teaching, but when your opinion has no factual truth, you are just lying, and that is not tolerated.

Wango tango.

-Mr. Knowledge

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