In a never-ending circus of attempts to promote governmental control over every aspect of our lives, ironically,  Democrats are reneging on what might have been the only bi-partisan bill to come out of Congress this year — the jobs bill.

I have no complaint with them deciding against such a bill because I believe that, if they truly want more jobs, all they have to do is cut governmental regulation and taxes.  The natural talents and creativeness of Americans will do the rest.  Anyone who has ever used or bought a Popeil product, like the Buttoneer, knows that inventors will invent something to fill every single need, even a need that you might not know about!  Jobs flow from creativity;  but, creativity is stifled by heavy-handed rules and regulations from government.  Anyone who has attempted to open a small business and faced the permits, fees, and  tax structure for small business can see the challenge.

However, if Congress is working on a jobs bill.  Let it be a jobs bill and not a “who gets what” bill.  Already I see that the black caucus is promoting a jobs program that discriminates against non-blacks… that is, a jobs bill that gives something to someone merely because they are BLACK.  That discriminatory aspect is common to legislation, but should be stopped.  Employers should hire the best person for the job, even if that person doesn’t fit some governmental formula for ethnicity!

But, Congress has never been known to use common sense.  They buy future votes with our tax dollars, then bemoan the Federal deficit, as though the deficit popped out of the hat of a circus magician.  It’s obvious that the days of promising away our tax dollars has come and gone and there are no more rabbits for Congress  to pull out of a hat to save our financial health.

So, what’s to follow the three ring circus, known as Congress?  We know taxes will go up.  We know unemployment will go up.  We know our future financial well-being will go down.

Everyone knows our economy is dying, thanks to Congress’ lack of judgment and their continued zeal for spending our tax dollars.  What we need in Congress are people who know what REAL work involves….like your circus performers or your plumbers or your police or fire department.  What we need are REAL people who do REAL jobs.

What we need are good, hard-working legislators, not the buffoons we have now.  Congress doesn’t seem to know how to fix our economy, nor unemployment nor our national security, so their act is a failure.  Maybe the only solution now is to follow the circus. When an act goes bad in the circus, they send in the clowns to cover the mistakes.  So “send in the clowns….no, wait….they’re here”!