Big Brother–our Congress and President

A commentator today explained why the Democrats are pushing forward with health care legislation, despite overwhelming disapproval by the American public.  Even in Massachusetts, a liberal state by anyone’s definition, 51-60% are adamantly against the Democrats’ proposals.

The legislation is so distasteful, expensive, costly, and ineffective, that even Democrats like Ben Nelson demanded a break from the onerous provisions of the bill.  He got it for his vote.  Mary Landrieu, too, was devious enough to sell her vote with 300 million reasons to vote in favor of the bill.  And, the other Senators undoubtedly got behind-the-scene benefits, too. And, then, the unions got their piece of the action by not having to pay the Cadillac tax on health premiums like the rest of us will have to.

The reason these Democrats are willing to sell their vote is not because they believe in the legislation’s benefits.  No, they are selling their vote to gain an advantage for their constituents so that these same constituents re-elect them.  How crass.  How corrupt.

And, why are they willing to risk the public’s wrath?  Today’s commentator says that Democrats understand that the American public does NOT want this health care legislation to pass.  But, guess what?  The Democrats think that the public can be talked into accepting the government running health care WHEN THE ENTITLEMENTS START.  As Juan Williams commented today,  “People love entitlements!”

Sure.  Everyone wants a free ride.  But, for some of us, we are tired of being the donkey carrying the entire load.  Let Big Brother, i.e., Obama, the Congress, and other free-loaders, step away from their plush jobs, enter the workforce like the rest of us, and, at least give the pretense of paying their own way.

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