Wisconsin Votes Yes

Wisconsin voted Yes on the homosexual vote. I’ve heard many complaints and I’ll debunk them one by one. What’s sad, is these are not made up by me, but rather some that I’ve seen in various places.

1. Only reason the amendment passed was because of idiots from the ho-dunk towns not knowing what to vote for. -> Ok, Doyle was elected. So with the 60% or more, I forget the figure, voting Yes, that means that alot of people voted for Doyle and for the amendment. Lots of idiots voting for your guy.

2. Wisconsin is a bunch of bigots. -> This one was a little funny. If the amendment had said to kill all gays and lesbians, then yes, that could possibly be bigotry. But this was NOT attacking people, but rather protecting marriage. Until these libs can seperate the people from the issue, they’ll never understand that you can not be a bigot and still be against things like gay marriage, and not be a racist, but be against Affirmative Action or Illegal Immigration.

3. I’m moving out of Wisconsin because the people are so stupid. Haha, this one took the cake though. If Wisconsin was the only one who voted yes, then I could see why gay people would move, but MANY other states also voted yes. It’s not like Wisconsin is one in a bunch, but rather we are in the bunch.

Majority rules libs. And don’t pull the stupid phrase, well the majority are bigots then. I would like to see a libs response as to why I cannot marry my first cousin? I’m not saying I would, that’s just disgusting. How do they have a response for this? They don’t. They can’t say it’s gross, cause I’m not too happy with gay people having sex. They can’t say it’s not two people in love, because concievably they could be.

I’d just like an honest answer form liberals/democrats at somepoint. They only argue issues that they think they can gain support for.

Hopefully the Republicans will make a push in ’08. Republicans have to get back to their damn roots. Here are my few things republicans have to work on.
1. Get back to your damn roots. Keep government small and make sure the people know this. Many people who were polled in exit polling thought it was libs who wanted small government.
2. Be against Illegal Immigration 100%. Illegals are criminals. Put up a border, a LEGIT border.
3. Be strong with National Defense. Hey, Iraq didn’t go as well as we thought, but push forward the point Saddam is going to be hung for killing hundreds of thousands of people. That should outrage anyone, and it took Bush to finally do something about it.
4. Stop being little pussies. Don’t stick up for William Jefferson and other people like that. The democrats don’t do that for you, so don’t do it for them. I don’t care if it is the right thing to do. You aren’t going to win by sticking up for them. Tear down Harry Reid. He lied. He broke the law. Yet you guys pussy-footed around and didn’t do a damn thing. That should of been on top of your list trying to tear down the democrats. Tear down John Kerry. What he said was horrible, and he should be held accountable.
5. Get candidates out there who will win. I don’t like John McCain that much, but I’d rather see him in the Senate than someone like John Kerry.
6. Rally for ’08. Get a real contender for the presidency. Don’t pick some no-name from Indiana. The democrats have people who’ve been in the spotlight for over 10 years, Kerry and Hillary most noteably, and people don’t vote for people who they don’t know.

Mr. Knowledge is not happy.

– Mr. Knowldge

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