Thanks to President Bush for a job well done.

The media has been critical of President Bush from day one. They have blamed him for every problem in the world, but neglected to give him credit for his successes.

Here is why the United States is lucky to have elected President George Bush:

A Republican president with business acumen knew that high taxes slow an economy down. Less taxes create a booming economy like we have now.
A Republican president pulled us out of Clinton’s recession.
A Republican president created the lowest unemployment in the recent past.
A Republican president put more minorities in responsible positions than any other administration — ever.
A Republican president forced Syria to relent on nuclear weapons thus creating a safer world.
A Republican president wept over 9/11, then united the country.
A Republican president insisted that the blame for 9/11 be placed on radical terrorists and not Muslims as a whole.
A Republican president had the courage to fight and free Iraq.
A Republican president publicly admitted that he needed Divine help to govern wisely.
A Republican president governed based on his faith and trust in the wisdom of the American people rather than on what the current poll recommended.

And that Republican President was George Bush. Thanks to him we have a booming economy, lower unemployment, a housing boom, and a safer America.

God bless President George Bush.

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