It’s getting hot for Climate Warming Buffs!

Sometimes, a small lie snowballs into an avalanche and the theory of climate warming is a perfect example.  Despite a myriad of scientists disputing the theory, the media relied upon groups like the U.N. who are known to be politically driven.

Scientists who disagreed were suppressed, denigrated, and generally driven out of the conversation.  The multitude of mistakes in Al Gore’s movie were glossed over. The media raised  Michael Moore, the epitome of Hollywood arrogance and sheer ignorance, to expert status on global warming.   It was suggested that we common folk who questioned the theory based on our own experience and living conditions were either right wing nuts, or just too stupid to talk to!

Well, just like any avalanche that clears away debris, the flood of revelations about suppression of evidence, and the fact that the theory about the Himalayan glaciers melting was based on one man’s report — and this man has denied saying this — is clearing the landscape of global warming.  It ‘s going to be uncomfortable for those who refused to scientifically weigh the evidence.  Oh, yes, it’s getting hot for Climate Warming buffs!

The IPCC’s 2007 report, which won it the Nobel Peace Prize, said that the probability of Himalayan glaciers “disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high”.

But it emerged last week that the forecast was based not on a consensus among climate change experts, but on a media interview with a single Indian glaciologist in 1999.

The IPCC admitted on Thursday that the prediction was “poorly substantiated” in the latest of a series of blows to the panel’s credibility.

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