Attacking the “Hill”……….

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s political campaigns have never truly been about improving America.  Their focus has always been on improving their own lot in life or their status among the world’s leaders.  To reach that goal, they have relied upon destroying their political opponents….or, in their terminology, the  enemy.  No matter who is the “enemy” — to most others, the opponent — , Hill and Bill count on voters believing that there is a conspiracy of some sort that is out to ruin the Clintons’ careers.  Those of us who oppose the Clintons have been called racists, bigots, sexists, the vast right wing conspiracy, intellectually challenged, and just plain too stupid to understand the grandeur of the Clintons’ vision for America.

Unfortunately, that vision usually includes a sizeable benefit for the Clintons.

Those of us old enough to have seen how avaricious the Clintons are do not need to be reminded of their blatant criminality even while serving in a variety of our political offices.  For those who are too young to remember, there is “Clinton Cash”, a very good recitation of how Clintons became so wealthy.

Attacking the Hill has always been presented as an attack on Women in general and NOT as an attack upon a political opponent’s unfitness for office.  So, if someone asks about Hillary’s use of an unsanctioned email server, that questioner becomes a sexist.  Or, if Congress asks to see the emails, they are part of the vast right wing conspiracy.  When Judicial Watch asked for documents that Hillary created while Secretary of State which belong to the American public,  she and her minions stalled, stalled, and stalled some more.  Finally, a court intervened and demanded that the emails be released.

When Dr. Drew questioned Hillary’s health, his program was cancelled.  Of course, the network claimed this had been “in the works” for a long time.  Sure it was.

When stories appear that are unflattering to Hillary, that network becomes a pariah and, unless forced to, no one from the Democrat’s camp nor Hillary will be interviewed by them.  Of course, that network is FOX.

With this type of history and histrionics coming from the Hill’s camp, most politicians are afraid to publicly criticize her, much less itemize her faults and criminal history.

That is why Donald Trump is the only politician who could run against her and succeed.  Although he, too, has been called names, subjected to vile distortion of his words and speeches, he alone has the guts to challenge her credentials, her health, and her unfitness to be President of the United States.

The media, Hillary’s attack dog,  likes to claim that Trump is unqualified, too.  But, he has run successful businesses all his life.  He is worth a LOT of money and, unlike the Clintons,  none of that came from “pay for play” while in office.  In fact, he has never held a political office, but has worked his entire life.

Compare that to Bill and Hill who essentially have been lotus eaters, always campaigning for the next office and always living off the fat of the land, i.e., the taxpayers’ dollar.

Time to end their parasitic dependence upon the taxpayers’ coffers.  Time to reveal the real Hillary and her predilection for her self aggrandizement policies.  It’s time to say no to Hillary and Bill who have always used  public office for personal gain.

In short, it’s time, long past time, to attack the Hill, and bring her back down to Earth!


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