Aretha Franklin sang about respect.

We all want respect.

And, now, Oprah feels that Obama deserves respect.


Where was Oprah when Democrats were  demonizing President Bush?  Where was she when a conservative administration made decisions, based on world-wide held beliefs and were called “liars”, “hypocrites”, and “Nazis” by the Democrats?  Where was she whenever the Democrats satirized and made false allusions about any non-Lieberal idea ?

Well, she was out to lunch all of those times.  But, now, she suddenly believes that the Presidency itself deserves respect.  Suddenly, the woman who claimed she was apolitical is determined to support a President.  Could it be because Obama is half black?  Isn’t that racism?  But, what other explanation could there be for her sudden foray into the world of politics?

Well, Respect is a two way street. Oprah’s going down a one way street, the wrong way…singing, but  not knowing the words to the song!  Maybe that’s why her show’s ratings have plummeted.

For your information, Oprah, the word is R-E-S-P-E-C-T,  and it should be applied to everyone, not just your favorite flavour of the day!

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