Democracy…..on hold…..

First there was campaigning for public office.  Candidates explained their positions on a variety of subjects, including the budget.

Next, there was an election.  Republicans won a majority of the offices.

Now, Governor Walker has followed through and proposed the budget he discussed during the campaign.

But, State Senate Democrats didn’t like the election results nor the proposed budget.  So, did they argue their views in the State Senate?  No, just like spoiled brats, they have decided they can’t win the vote on the budget and have left the state to stall a vote and, in effect, stall Democracy.  Shame on them.

The problem is that, for years,  unions have used their political muscle to elect Democrats and the Democrats are afraid to lose all that cash! If you ask an ordinary worker, most of us would say that governmental union workers are getting too sweet of a deal and that they are NOT entitled to these extensive benefits at OUR expense.  These benefits are NOT RIGHTS.  They are NOT EVEN  ENTITLEMENTS!  They are gifts from legislators attempting to repay unions for the union support — i.e., cash donations.  And,those outrageous benefits have to stop because, Christmas is OVER and  even Santa Claus has bills to pay!

After all, in a Democracy, we are supposed to be equal.  When unions and their bought legislators have more say than a legitimately elected governor and legislature, then there is no Democracy.  Until those Democrat senators return and do their job, we all suffer because Democracy is on hold.



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