Governor Walker, Wisconsin

Opponents of Governor Walker are busily gathering signatures in an attempt to recall Governor Walker.   Much of the recall effort is being financed and supported by outside unions and Lieberal groups.

While it is the right of anyone to pursue a recall of just about any politician, isn’t it sad that these groups and individuals are willing to force the State of Wisconsin into spending $9,000,000.00 because they are mad that Governor Walker — and the other duly elected Wisconsin officials — have insisted that unions “pay their fair share” of their own health care insurance and that unions can NO LONGER STRONG ARM COMPANIES INTO GATHERING UNION DUES?

Unions have been gathering power and monetary perks for years because politicians are afraid of the political pressure that unions can bring to bear on any issue.  Last year, and this year, illustrated the extent of physical violence threats that unions and lieberals are willing to use against conservative policies.  Last year, and this year, illustrate the names and devious arguments that unions and lieberals are willing to use against conservative policies. Last year, and this year, the State of Wisconsin will incur a huge cost for these recall elections.

Is all this really necessary?  Is it really democratic for the unions to allow their thugs into our State capitol, into our State’s legislative activities, and now, even into the choice of our State Governor?  Do we really want George Soros’ surrogates demanding we recall our Governor?  Does anyone understand how much money is already saved, just by mandating that unions pay “their fair share” ?  Do we really want to spend $9,000,000.00 just because someone is unhappy with the current policies and that someone is unwilling to wait for another election cycle to challenge the duly-elected legislators?  Wouldn’t it be better to use that $9 million for state programs or state public work projects that could put people back to work?

Governor Walker was elected to change our state’s economic spiral down.  He was elected to create jobs for Wisconsinites.  He was elected to correct former Governor Doyle’s bad financial policies and, yes, even criminal acts by Doyle and his cohorts in the state legislature.  If you doubt this, notice that our state budget is now on a more financially sound basis.  Companies are hiring more workers, in the expectation that Wisconsin will help them build a good company, and not tax them to death.  And, Governor Walker, on behalf of the State of Wisconsin and based on a court decision, has repaid the money that Doyle illegally took out of a fund created and paid for by Wisconsin doctors.

It’s time to recognize that Governor Walker has made significant improvements to our state economy and HAS NOT raised our taxes.  He has simply asked everyone to work together for the good of Wisconsin.  And, like President Obama,  he has asked everyone, the unions included, to “PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE”.  Governor Walker is good for the State of Wisconsin.  Let’s keep him, the legislators who work with Walker, AND, the policies that are helping Wisconsin, in office!



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