The Circus is coming to Town!

The anti-war demonstrations in Washington have turned into a circus because children are now harnessed up as political props in an effort to belittle the war on terrorism. The proof is the Drudge’s report that a 12 year old in the Washington protest spoke about her concerns that the war will portray the United States as a bully.

Well, tarara-boom-de-ay! Does a 12 year old understand the delicacy of the war effort or the tactical needs of the troops or the danger presented to our country by terrorism? Are the troops reassured to hear her opinions? Or, do they see the absurdity of a child pontificating about the United States’ foreign policy?

Let’s get real! War is a serious business that needs guidance from experts, not children. Even though former President Carter also admitted that he asked his daughter (then about 12, too) her opinion of the world situation, this is not the place nor the time for children.

If adults question the war in Iraq, let them. But, that opinion should be based upon experts who have some basis for an opinion. Children, especially of 12 years, should be concerned with junior high activities and not coerced into political insanity.

Don’t make a mockery of the troops’ efforts by pretending that a 12 year old speaks for America! The war on terrorism is no joke, nor should it be treated like a circus. If terrorists succeed, our country might be the next dancing bear or tiger — defanged, of course – in a cage..humiliated for all the world to see.

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