The State of our Union

Within minutes of the State of the Union speech last night, pundits began telling us their evaluations of the speech, the audience, and what the speech means to America. There are always people who believe we need to know what the President actually said. Here’s a news flash. We do not need all the Presidential hopefuls, their hype teams, nor the useless media to tell us what we heard.

Unfortunately, politicians enjoy telling the media what “The American Public” believes, thinks, feels, or wants and the media enjoys portraying these opinions as facts. Contrary to their patronizing attitude, both my husband and I, along with our children, friends and neighbors, are actually capable of listening to and interpreting a speech.

Our analysis is that President Bush’s speech was perfect for this time in history.

Webb’s speech, on the other hand, was one of denial. Although he stated the economy was in bad shape, the economy is actually roaring along. Even President Bush’s worst critics have had to admit that our economy was definitely helped by President Bush’s expertise in economics. So, one of the premises of Webb’s speech is false.

Webb’s speech exemplified a sense of belligerance and arrogance in saying that the war in Iraq is failing. He said that many military and others felt the war had been mishandled. Who are these people? Just because Webb “says” these people exist is no guarantee that such an opinion exists. And, as a former head of the Navy, he should know that wars have their ups and downs. He should also know that a positive attitude is important in every military effort and he should be encouraging rather than discouraging.

I am afraid that Webb, with his demands for pull-outs and with his depressing demeanor, will indeed “vote for failure.” In fact, he already has done so publicly with his words!

Divisive speeches, such as Senator Webb’s, will encourage our enemies. The terrorists see division here as another sign that America will quit before the job is done. They hope and pray that people will listen to Senator Webb.

No matter what anyone says, the State of our Union is strong. We all want our country to serve as a beacon of Liberty. We all want a good life for our children. We are unified in our generosity. Let’s dismiss self-serving speakers like Senator Webb and tell politicians like him that our country needs less bitterness, political jealousy, and divisive behaviour. We need less of “you”, meaning the politicians….and more of “We, the People.”

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