United we stand!

Remember back when President Bush was first running and the critics claimed that the economy was the most important issue? Who created a first class, robust economy with tax cuts and other incentives for businesses which created jobs and wealth for all? President Bush. Who now blames the tax cuts for every possible woe in our country, despite a still thriving economy? The Democrats.

Remember back when 9/11 occurred and New Yorkers cried out for help? Who was there for them? President Bush. Remember who took the credit for all the federal aid that New York received? Chuck Schurmer and Hillary Clinton. Remember when the hurricane roared through New Orleans and the Democratic leaders of that state refused federal aid until it was too late? Who took the blame for that? President Bush. Did the Democrats ever concede that it was their own party’s officials who created much of the chaos? No. They blamed President Bush.

Remember how the country howled for relief from the threat of terrorism? Who reacted as strongly as he could with funds and ideas and leadership? President Bush. Even though the public demanded such a response, and now that we feel safer, whom do the media blame for the strength of that response? President Bush.

When Saddam was murdering his own people and becoming a world-wide threat with his support of terrorism, what did the public demand? They cried out that Saddam must be overthrown and his despotic regime thrown out. Who sent our military to save Iraq and the entire MidEast? President Bush. Even though they supported the action at that time, who now claim they now believe the war was a mistake? The Democrats.

When election time rolled around, did you notice how many Democrats claimed that they were misinformed — even though everyone in the world agreed that Saddam must be overthrown?

What thanks is he getting? The Democrats routinely vilify him with aspersions to his intellect and, even, his very character. The media cheers the aggression on. These people cannot credit President Bush with any good advance. They are blinded by hate and an incapacity to recognize an honest man when they see one.

But, the most eggregious action today is that many Republicans have also forgotten how much they owe the President for his help in past elections. Are you listening Senator Spector? Even those who supported the war when it was “popular” are now alligned with the Democrats because the war is now politically incorrect. These people have allowed the constant adversarial beat of the media and the hate-mongering of people like Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others to set the agenda. The welfare of America is no longer the focus of their careers, but they seek the destruction of an administration and thereby, the enlarging of their own sphere of influence.

The Democrats are not the Peace party. No, they have created a hateful environment where even the President’s wife can be attacked! (See Kagen’s apology for details.) Because these people are so cowardly, they will fail to support our military and thus, our country.

I say it is time for ALL politicians to get behind our military. And, yes, that means you do not attempt to thwart a commander-in-chief who is attempting to save not only our country, but the entire world from terrorism. Politicans: forget your own self-serving goals and seriously consider the effects of your continuous barrage of insults and how those harmful comments damage our campaign to free Iraq. Don’t try to rationalize your public “heroics” as being for the good of the country. They serve only your own careers.

What is good for this country is to be united in the fight against terrorism. All the posturing by politicans will not save the nation. Remember the old adage?

United we Stand. Divided we Fall!

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