Keep Hill on "The Hill"

Despite the many scandals associated with the Bill Clinton presidency and the deep involvement of Hillary in most of them, she has decided she wants to be President. Whether ishe is qualified to be President or whether it would be good for the country to rehash these follies probably never entered her mind. Hillary Clinton wants to be President and what Hillary wants, she will rape, pillage and plunder to get.

Already, reports are that her “team” has tried savaging Barak Obama, her greatest challenger from within the Democratic party. Her slanderous comments about Barak are not surprising considering that she is known for her animosity toward anyone who gets in her way. And, Barak is in her way right now.

Unfortunately for Senator Clinton, she has no skills or even the stature to be the President of the United States.

Her administrative skills, for example, are nonexistent because she has never been a governor, CEO, or held any position where she had to manage large areas of business or people. Her past history is largely one of delegating the intricacies of a situation to underlings. In the Senate, she is known for jumping on the band wagon of other senators’ bills, if it is politically popular. She has never attempted to actually learn to do the job of President, but rather has spent her time polishing her image in the hopes that the image alone will carry her to the White House.

She has no military skills or deep knowledge of foreign affairs although she pretends that her time as first lady and her trips abroad have filled in the gaps. She has no business skills to run the economy because her degree was in law. If the past is any evidence of her social abilities, she is also lacking in this area.

Even her character is suspect. She lives by the adage of “carpe diem” and not by any moral compass. If she believes that a religious attitude will further her career, she will adapt one. If she needs to be seen as “one of us”, she will breakfast with “the people”. However, her past betrays her true self. When she was in the White House, many of the staff reported that she ignored anyone who was “beneath” her. She screamed and swore her way through her husband’s presidency in private while smiling and cooing in public.

So, why should anyone vote for her?

Democrats are desperate to win the White House and they believe that name recognition will win the day. Democrats do not want to choose the best candidate of their party or someone who will serve our country effectively. They want to choose a winner regardless of a possible disastrous result for our country.

Let’s hope that the Democrats in the street will recognize this woman as the snake in the Garden of Washington, slithering hither and yon in search of fools to do her bidding. But, be careful. She speaks with a forked tongue.

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