Hypocrisy exemplified!

The media adores Democrats. Hillary Clinton is a Democrat. The media adores Senator Clinton.

It’s like night following day. No matter what inane comment Senator Clinton makes, the media spins the comment to her advantage.

Now, Senator Clinton claims she knows how to deal with “evil” men because of her past experience with former President Bill Clinton, her husband. By insinuation, that means that she considers her husband to be evil. And, she, along with the audience, laugh at that tidbit.

Is it normal for a wife to imply that her husband is “evil” ???

Is it normal to laugh about dealing with “evil” men?

No. It is a sad commentary on today’s political climate that Bill Clinton’s immoral predilections are now the source of amusement by the world and even his wife. This lacksadaisical attitude toward immoral behaviour has degraded the office of President and even our status in the world.

The measure of a man’s character is the man’s own steadfastness to truth and morality. President Clinton was not true to the duties of his office, his marriage, or himself. Senator Clinton accepted this behaviour and now sees the situation as a big joke.

Shame on President Clinton for his perverted behaviour. Shame on Senator Clinton for condoning immorality. Shame on the Democrats for pretending the perversion was all a big joke. Shame on the media for not acknowledging their own hypocrisy by glossing over the offensive acts.

Shame on America if we allow such behaviour to be rewarded rather than treated as an example of people who are too irresponsible, too immoral, and too greedy to accept responsibility for behaviour that would have thrown a Republican out of office and into limbo forever!

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