Drugs, tunnels, and Cash

Fox news today carried an article about tunnels between Mexico and the United States with which drug runners are able to bring drugs into our country and illegal aliens are able to enter with impunity.

The “problem” cited for not filling in the tunnels was the great expense because some of these tunnels are big enough for trucks to drive through.

The quickest solution is:

1 – Notify everyone that the tunnels will be filled at a certain time.

2 – String explosives along the entire route of the tunnel beginning at the Mexican border to wherever the tunnel opens on our side.

3 – Blast the tunnels into oblivion.

This method is cheap! Because the tunnels are mostly in desert areas, there would be little loss to people. It is technologically feasible because they already use this method to destroy high rise building. Additionally, the simplicity means new tunnels can be destroyed immediately.

The only problem with this method is its simplicity and transparency because politicians could not add “pork” to the project. It would be easier to insert extra costs if a multitude of concrete trucks, for example, are utilized rather than a few miles of wire and a few pounds of explosives.

Which method do you think Congress will use? Despite the availability of this simple plan, I am betting that the solution ultimately involves highly technical methods, many “experts”, and a truckload of cash — most of which goes to the politicians’ friends.

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