Nobel Peace Prize nominations

To be nominated or to receive a Nobel Peace Prize is considered confirmation of a person’s ideas or the greatness of the person himself.

Not so.

In actuality, anyone can be nominated for the Peace Prize, if they know the right people. Nor is the committee itself governed by any universal set of guidelines. No outside input is allowed. Therefore, when former senator Gore was nominated, it was not the ultimate, universal accolade for a glorious achievement. His nomination was merely people of similar, philosophical mind using their unique circumstances to further their own theories.

In fact, there are many distinguished experts who disagree with Gore’s analysis on the issue of climate warming. However, climate warming is a popular, liberal idea right now, so those who dissent are unlikely to hear from the Nobel committee.

Is it a compliment when your fellow believers give you an award? I think not.

The true value of anyone or his ideas or his gifts to the world are not judged fairly until long after the person passes on. Let’s not allow a small, insular group to determine who truly deserves the title of “Peace maker” or “Knowledgable Scientist”. Even though the media will undoubtedly laud Senator Gore, do not let such praise persuade you that the praise is deserved. See the man for what he truly is….a dancing bear who entertains because the audience applauds him, not because bears are brilliant!

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