Super Bowl…

So did anyone watch the Super Bowl? If you did, they made sure to let you know that 2 black coaches were meeting for the first time in the SB. Now, why should that matter? If we are truely wanting to be colorblind, then you should never even mention this, let alone think it. I didn’t, but apparently CBS had to make it apparent. I don’t care one bit that they were black. I think that they are 2 decent coaches. The sad thing is I was waiting for the game to end, and them say, “Well look here, every coach should be black cause they can win.” Well, one coach also lost here. I was sad that they failed to mention this is the first time ever, where both teams starting QB’s were white, and named Grossman and Manning.

Also, if you watched the ads, aside from being downright bad, you’d of seen the Coke ad that was celebrating black history. Showing the dates, such as, in 1950 something, a woman refused to give up her seat. Ok, that’s great, they were all strong people. But why didn’t they put up an ad talking about how Washington, Adams and such made this country what it is? Where was the ad of thanking each and every soldier?

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