How Best to Blog

Recently, several comments have appeared regarding blogs on this site. Because I frequently write on this blog, I would like to respond to the comments and the way in which the comments were written.

1. Blogs work best when you respond to someone else’s opinion by stating your own opinion, whether dissenting or agreeing, and not when you merely attack the blogger’s opinion. If you disagree or agree, give your own reasons for your stance.

2. If you notice the name of this blog, Republican Banter, you could and should assume that the main writers are probably conservatives. As conservatives, our views will be, well, conservative!

3. However, do not make the assumption that one conservative is exactly like another unless you know the individual. One blogger complained that “people like us” hate Hillary C. I do not hate Hillary at all. She has been through many rough situations and managed to adapt or adopt to them all. I do disrespect her for many of her decisions which led her into compromising situations from which she used her political power to extricate herself.

4. Do not assume that because some of us voice opinions that we do not also contribute in other ways to society We have family members serving in a variety of locations. We are active in our communities. We have also put our money where our mouth is for years — in charities, business, schools, political campaigns, and in raising our children. Have you?

5. It is always easy to assail another with labels and names. If you wish to be a part of a genuine discussion, forget being angry. Discuss your ideas clearly and concisely without rancor.

Maybe we can all learn from one another, but false assumptions and name-calling are not going to advance anyone’s opionion nor are they to anyone’s advantage. This blog was meant to host a rational discussion of many issues, not just to be a dartboard for angry writers.

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