The crowded Bandwagon

Parades are fun. They draw attention whenever and wherever they go. There are dancing bears, clowns, a bandwagon….and, always a crowd!

Unfortunately today, in our combative, political climate, too many issues become part of a circus act and not serious issues to discuss. Global warming is one of the most controversial concepts around today and is rapidly dividing the American public into two camps. Do you believe that people are responsible for global warming? Or, do you believe that global warming is a product of continual, climate change?

Former Senator Gore has made a lot of political hay with his strident assertions that MAN is the ultimate defiler of our glorious ecosystem. His speeches thunder with accusations and dire warnings. If he had a couple of stone tablets and a long, white beard, many would consider him to be the second coming of Moses.

Today, another voice entered the fray. Henrik Svensmark, a Danish scientist, stated that the current warming of the globe is typical of climate change and is due mostly to a thinning cloud cover which, in turn, is due to a change in cosmic rays. And, there are other SCIENTISTS, such as John Cristy or Steven Hayward, who condemn the bastardization of science merely to influence people to believe in global warming.

Why would anyone propose global warming if it weren’t true? Well, consider the political accolades and the monetary rewards taking a controversial stand gives someone like Al Gore. Essentially, his political career was ended and yet, now he rises once more as a potential, presidential candidate! Far too many politicians utilize crowd hysteria for their own personal advantage and I believe that the fear of global warming is just such an issue. Environmentalists are rejoicing in the mass hysteria that has resulted from such claims. Global warming is being used to shape ideological and social thought so that one group or another will have the upper hand in decisions about our environment, our commercial entities and even our social framework.

However, regardless of why or how the issue is presented, the future depends on today’s decisions, so we must choose one of the two theories — either there is global warming or there is not. I choose to believe that there is not anything happening to the climate that has not happened over and over — including before humans were around.

My belief is based upon stories my father told me of his childhood. He lived in northern Wisconsin, almost in Michigan, and he still remembers his mother harvesting watermelons, squash, and muskmelons from their home garden. As far as he knew, his childhood was the only period when this was possible. When I grew up in the same locale, we could not even grow cucumbers or summer squash. Summers were far too cold and short. Although this is only one example, and might be an anomaly, there are other examples of severe weather during this same time. The Dust Bowl had many factors, but severe weather change was definitely one of the causes.

I wish the media would stop hyping these stories. I wish the media would begin to report the news, not attempt to create the news by overblowing certain stories and minimizing others.

For example, if you believe in global warming, then you also have to believe that the real story is in China and the underdeveloped countries who produce huge quantities of greenhouse gases and have no vested interest in stopping. After all, the United States, thanks to certain public figures, is assuming all the blame. In fact, we are developing alternate energies. We are trying to harness the escape of factory emissions. As a society, we are recycling and working on protecting our planet. Yet, as usual, we are being taught that we are the problem. For once, let’s realize that we must protect the Earth but it is a worldwide project. Please do not let a few pompous, public figures push us into a knee jerk reaction, especially when many of the problems they shout about do not exist.

Unfortunately, the parade doesn’t stop unless the applause ceases. So long as the media and public clowns keep the interest high, promoting the concept of global warming as they promote themselves, we are in danger of losing sight of even more significant dangers that loom in front of us.

And, if watermelons begin to grow again in northern Wisconsin, remember that this is not the first time for climate change, nor the last.

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