I AM STEAMED. Just saw an article where some Choral group got beat up in San Fran. According to the article, some kid was making fun of the group as being gay. (Ironic… Frisco) Well, the group is from Yale and there was a fight, well not a fight, the choral boys got ambushed and many were seriously injured. Now what really steams my ass is the fact that people in response to the article are saying that the boys deserved it, or going even as far as to say that since Bush went to Yale, the kids deserved it. Sadly I am not making this up. Oh yeah, one guy even said the Star Spangled Banner is racist.

You dumb f’ers. People were beat up. It shouldn’t matter what’s the reason. What if in fact they were really gay. The ACLU would come crying in and do something about it. Why should it matter? These boys rights were abused and someone is going to be held accountable. Mr. Knowledge guarentees that.

Mr. Knowledge is not happy with what’s going on in this country. Why are we pampering the rights of illegals, when my rights, or the boys from Yale’s rights, are not being honored? Where is the ACLU fighting for those boys? Where is the public uproar when illegal’s come in and ruin the lives of hard working Americans? Where is the uproar when the media doesn’t do it’s job and only prints one side of the story? Where are the people to fight for the rights of ALL Americans, not just the ones that put you on the front page of the news?

Mr. Knowldge

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