Equal Oppurtunity

They’re at it again. Who you might ask? The NCAA president is calling for more minority coaches in the NCAA. There are 2 very big problems with this.

1. Where do they say anything about being qualified? From what I see, there are some very good white coaches, and there are some very bad ones. Same can be said for minority coaches, some good, some bad. America’s universities are some of the most liberal institutions around, and if they could hire a minoritiy over someone white, you know they would. If there’s a tallented black coach, then he’ll get hired.

2. If they want more coaches, I want more white running backs. I think there are too many black running backs and wide recievers in the NCAA and NFL ranks. What ever happened to equality. But Mr. Knowledge, don’t be silly, the black recievers and running backs are more tallented and that’s why they are holding those positions. Oh, so the most qualified person should get the job? Huh.

Five or maybe more years ago, Matt Millen was hired as GM for the Lions. He in turn was hiring a coach. The best coach available at the time was Steve Marriucci, a white coach. The NFL makes you interview like 3 black coahces everytime you are interviewing anyone. These coaches knew Millen wanted Mooch, so they didn’t come and interview. Millen recieved a 50,000 dollar fine or something for not interviewing the black coaches. Now, get real. Even though it doesn’t look like it now, but Mooch was the best coach available. Should Millen have hired, or even interviewed a less qualified coach just to appease the NFL. No. This, really should humiliate minorities. If you translate this, the NFL is really saying : “Minority coaches suck more than white coaches, so we need to give them a break and make teams give them interviews.” Bumble-farks.

Mr. Knowledge is PO’d.

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