Finally, some good news for Republicans!

Today, the Republican National Committee  chose Michael Steele as its Chairman.  Yahoo!  He has been a favorite of mine for several years.

He has appeared on many talk shows and, every time, I marvel that his views seem to so closely resemble mine.  The old adage of “great minds think alike” pops into my noggin.  But, all kidding aside,  his views expressed on many  tv shows make me believe he is a wise man.  He  displays poise in public and cordiality toward even people who seem determined to insult him, his ideas, or his party.  He seems like a real go-getter….ready to revive the conservative movement!

I have been rooting for him since he mentioned a few months ago that he would be a candidate for the position.  And, now, I am proud of the Republican National Committee for electing him as chairman.  Finally, there is some good news for Republicans!

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