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Today’s Politically Correct Racism

Here’s a simple test on Affirmative Action.

1) You cannot drink water out of my water fountain due to your RACE. <– Racism
2) You are accepted into the University, due to your RACE.  <- Perfectly fine for the PC crowd.

Look, they’re both utter bullshit.  It’s not like these bozos are accepting equally academic strong individuals, they blatantly say that the students are accepted PURELY on race.  It’s actually kind of appalling that the irony is missed by so many.  Ok, if you want to have outreach programs and such to try and attract minority candidates, then I guess I’m ok to a point with that.  But to actually say with a straight face that I’m accepting this student due solely to his or her race, and not see anything wrong with that… then I guess I just can’t comprehend the PC culture.

– Mr. Knowledge

Securing Security at Airports….

Common sense might have finally made its way into our security procedures at airports.  Although Nigeria complained, it has been placed on a list of countries from which airline passengers will be more completely checked out before boarding flights into the United States.  Nigeria feels insulted because they claim that only one of their citizens, the underwear terrorist, has threatened a U.S. airline and that they have many people who have NOT threatened anyone

Nigeria is suggesting that such screening is discrimination.  However, the extra screening did not come out of the blue.  If the bomb hadn’t failed, over 200 people flying into Detroit would be dead.   Rather than worrying about bruised feelings, even when it is a national ego, most of us who fly would understand the need for this type of scrutiny.   There is no reason NOT to double check people flying into the United States.    Nigeria’s reaction focuses on the wrong element of the increased security measures and  is based on emotions and political gamesmanship, not good intelligence factors.

It’s time to get realistic about how to maintain our security and, Nigeria notwithstanding, our security should always trump political decisions.   The TSA should use statistics like insurance companies who figure out insurance rates based COMPLETELY on statistics, not whether they like someone or not.   If you insure a home in a statistically safe area, your rate is lower than someone who has a home in a flood plain!    This is not only logical, it is the only truly fair method of determining a fair rate.  The same rule should apply with airport security.  Statistically speaking, some countries produce terrorists.  For them, ALL people leaving their country should face the stiffest security checks.

By using numbers rather than abstract concepts we will increase the security of the flying public and also have a reasonable basis for our decisions.    This is not discrimination.  It is common sense.

Body Scans — new information

Just like the rush to “fix” alleged global warming which has now been proven to have been based on lies, suppressions, and outright criminal activities by pseudo scientists, so goes the story on full body scans.

Immediately after the terrorist managed to bring in explosives, hidden in his underwear, there were strident calls to implement full body scans.  I object to these on privacy grounds and because I do not want these intense xrays bombarding my body and, potentially, causing cancer.  I also object because the TSA and airports are not using current techniques and tools to the maximum right now.  If the authorities in all countries rigorously  followed the guidelines set up for airports in the U.S., this man would NOT have been onboard.

Anyway, here is another article that gives us another reason to not use full body scans.  Apparently, THEY DON’T WORK AND WOULDN’T HAVE STOPPED THE UNDERWEAR TERRORIST!

PC is killing us……

The Fort Hood shooting is yet another case where it is obvious that someone who hated us, again a Muslim, decided to kill Americans.  And, in the spirit of PC,  the White House is concerned about a backlash against Muslims!  In their mission to implement their own philosophy, they have identified anyone who is not white and not conservative as “the” minority which must be defended.

What ever happened to the rights of others…especially the right to live?

According to the PC, we cannot tell Islam that they are NOT the arbiters of which religion is best nor whether women deserve equal rights.  This despite American laws which say otherwise.

According to the PC police, despite evidence that strongly supports this as another act of terror by a Muslim, we have to consider whether he was conflicted about our society and his deployment to the MidEast.  I can’t imagine any soldier not being conflicted about having to shoot an enemy, but that should have been addressed before joining the military.

Well, I’m sick of the PC police manhandling the rights of Americans, just because “someone” might be offended.  There are lots of things that offend me, but the ACLU hasn’t asked for my feedback yet, so here’s my new philosophy!

I’m no longer going to call the Koran the “holy Koran” until I hear Islam call MY Bible the Holy Bible.

I’m no longer going to call certain cities in the Mideast the “holy” city of whatever until I hear them speak of the Holy See in Italy.

I’ve never accepted Islam’s right to kill those who do not accept Islam.  Yes, we Catholics had our Holy Crusade but we regret it and it’s been over for quite awhile.  We got over it, so should they!

I’m no longer going to refer to Indians as Native Americans (I have Indian blood and am proud of it!) nor blacks as African Americans nor Mexicans as Hispanic Americans until someone sets up a program to defend us “Swedish Americans.”  That’s about how ridiculous this PC stuff has become!  Whatever happened to us all being just Americans?

I would defend someone’s right to celebrate Islam’s religious holidays if they give me the right to celebrate Easter and Christmas.

I would accept it if women in Islamic countries choose to wear the long robes, but I resent having them consider the rest of the world sinful for wearing other attire.

In short, I’m just plain tired of another culture trying to force us to be like them.  Getting along is a two way street and Islam should understand that not everyone believes as they do.  Living in America and enjoying our freedoms should NOT include the right to completely silence anything you don’t agree with.  Wasn’t diversity what made America great?

Unfortunately,  PC police are running rampant through American society.  President Obama, who claimed he wanted to be the great uniter, has become the great divider.  He called  conservative Americans  “tea baggers and anti-government” people.  What happened to the President representing the entire American populace?

I truly think that the PC movement will kill the America I know and love and that I grew up in.  Rules are constantly being changed so that someone who worked their whole life to afford a retirement is now responsible to pay for those who loafed through life.  The government wants to take more and more of our paycheck to pay for someone else.  And, I am supposed to sit here quietly and thank them for the opportunity to “contribute” to the American dream.  Well, my dream was to work hard, retire, and enjoy our grandchildren.  Looks as though Obama and his Democrat minions have other plans for me.

Who’s looking out for those of us who followed the rules of the game?  No one.  As my sons tell me, conservative Americans, especially if we happen to be white, are the true minority in America!

Who’s the racist here?

President Obama must move beyond racism as the culprit for everything that goes wrong to a black person in America.  Without even knowing the facts, he condemns the police because the intruder was black.

Isn’t it time for blacks and other minorities to stop claiming “racism” for every fracas that they are involved in?  Whether the Harvard professor was black or white, his neighbors reported  that “someone” was breaking into that house.  How did the police know whether this was the owner or a robber, especially when the professor refused to identify himself?  What would the professor have said if the intruder had not been himself, but a real robber?

Blacks have to accept that sometimes events do not play out as they wish.  We all have the same problem.

Surely, the president is intelligent enough to know that not everything that happens to a black person is based on race.  Or, is he?

Someone Has To Say It

So many times I hear people bitching and moaning that they don’t get this or that. I’m here to tell you that you don’t deserve everything you think you do. I’m here to tell you what’s really happening in our everyday lives.

Men are better than women at some activities. Women are better than men at others. Don’t try to tell me Annika or Michelle Wie are better than the men. They aren’t. Don’t give me this bull-shit about Danica Patrick either. She has the best car out there, NOT the best driver.

Driver licenses are privelages. If you are muslim and don’t want your face showing on the license, tough shit. Take your god-damn towel off. Also, old people are the worst drivers on the road. I’m talking the kind of old people that remember what it was like before seat-belts. How many times am i going to see some old person driving their car into a party and killing 5. Make them take the test EVERY year. What else to they have to do?

Here is a list of things that suck; Jimmy Buffet, Forigen Cars, The Yankees, NBA, any reality show, The Daily Show and of course many more things, including lagots.

– Mr. Knowledge

Racism & Driscrimination (My .02)

Every responsible parent attempts to raise children who tolerate the quirks and foibles of others. We all hope and pray that our kids will not turn into bullies or attempt to move through life by intimidation; but that our offspring will try to help others and generally become responsible citizens of our wonderful country.

Being tolerant becomes a good attitude for children, families, and society because tolerance is the lubricant of daily life. It allows someone in a hurry because they have a crying baby to move to the head of the line. It is understanding that a clerk is trying to help everyone all at once, but might need a little more time to finish the job. It is also realizing that no one passes through this life unscathed. If we take the time, we will find that pretty much everyone around us has some sad tale to tell, if we would only listen. Being tolerant means weighing the possibility of another’s problems into the equation before jumping to unwarranted conclusions and assuming that the other person is just being a jerk.

However, tolerance itself has been abused. It is tolerant to understand that someone might need a helping hand more than you. It is intolerant to assume that someone “gets” that helping hand merely because they are a minority or because they “deserve” it, according to their own estimation. The justification for promoting affirmative action was originally a means to remove invisible barriers and allow all citizens to have a fair shot in business, education, and Life, in general. It was to allow everyone the “pursuit” of happiness, not a guarantee that our tax dollars would pave the way for them! Now, though, affirmative action is being used to excuse every form of discrimination. Madtown, for example, is saying that it will no longer give our top students entrance, just because they are good students! Isn’t UW-Madison supposed to be an institution of higher learning where we promote academics? How do you justify giving more weight to someone’s color, or ethnicity, over another student’s scholarly attributes? This is NOT tolerance! It is rank discrimination, but because the students who suffer from this policy are not a minority, the University plows ahead. I am ashamed of my alma mater for bowing to political correctness and for not attempting to lure the best and brightest minds to our state!

I believe that our political system promotes this kind of blatant discrimination because almost all politicians are ultimately using our tax dollars to buy voters. It is easy to secure some votes merely by legislating benefits for a minority. Illegal immigration is an example of corrupting the notion of tolerance into a system that treats our immigrants unfairly. By definition, illegal immigration means that these people are breaking our law. They should be required to follow all the requirements of immigration, and not be forgiven simply because they can sneak across our borders, whether northern or southern. It is not tolerance to allow this. It is a buying of votes with our tax dollars.

Tolerance and discrimination are at opposite ends of the spectrum. We should not confuse the two. Tolerance is our adjusting to Life as we pass through and our attempt to smooth out the rough edges of Life so that everyone has a fair chance. Discrimination is an attempt to leverage a benefit for someone who has not earned that benefit. Tolerance serves all of us well. Discrimination creates anger. In our world today, which do you think serves all of us better?

From : The Mom Team

Racism & Driscrimination

So here is the long of the short as to why I am writing a post about racism. Someone where I work who is black, got a promotion because she went and bitched that the only reason she was not getting a promotion was because she’s black. Now if that was the case, then yes, that is bad. But, that is not the case. This person is loud-mouthed, comes in late everyday, has said things about people that were thought to be confidental to other people. Some of those things could have had very serious impact on some peoples lives.

Every god-damned time a black person or minority doesn’t get a job, it must be because they are being discriminated against. Sorry, doesn’t work for this guy. A great example: The NFL doesn’t have enough black coaches. Ok, and the NFL doesn’t have enough white running backs either. If you don’t get a job, it may be because you just aren’t the best person for the job.

How can the UW-Madison start accepting people based on race and ethnicity vs. their GPA and ACT scores? Because people try to be politically correct. Well PC people are more racist and discriminatory than us real world people. Race or gender should not be a consideration for admission for school, or anywhere else in this world. Why not when people apply to school, all their personal information is taken into a computer, and they are assigned a number? Then you select the best 100 people. If they are all white, well then I guess the smartest people are white. If they are black, I’d have no problem with that. Isn’t the point of a University or company to have the best applicants on the job?

The best man for the job, doesn’t get the job. It’s the man that cries racism that gets the job.

“Racism is not a color, it is an idea.” – Name Withheld

To clarify the quote above, it states that to qualify as racism, you don’t attach a color to the definition. If you get a job based on color then that is racism, even if you are a minority getting the job. Just because you are a minority you don’t get any special passes in my book, nor should you in life.

– Mr. Knowledge