PC is killing us……

The Fort Hood shooting is yet another case where it is obvious that someone who hated us, again a Muslim, decided to kill Americans.  And, in the spirit of PC,  the White House is concerned about a backlash against Muslims!  In their mission to implement their own philosophy, they have identified anyone who is not white and not conservative as “the” minority which must be defended.

What ever happened to the rights of others…especially the right to live?

According to the PC, we cannot tell Islam that they are NOT the arbiters of which religion is best nor whether women deserve equal rights.  This despite American laws which say otherwise.

According to the PC police, despite evidence that strongly supports this as another act of terror by a Muslim, we have to consider whether he was conflicted about our society and his deployment to the MidEast.  I can’t imagine any soldier not being conflicted about having to shoot an enemy, but that should have been addressed before joining the military.

Well, I’m sick of the PC police manhandling the rights of Americans, just because “someone” might be offended.  There are lots of things that offend me, but the ACLU hasn’t asked for my feedback yet, so here’s my new philosophy!

I’m no longer going to call the Koran the “holy Koran” until I hear Islam call MY Bible the Holy Bible.

I’m no longer going to call certain cities in the Mideast the “holy” city of whatever until I hear them speak of the Holy See in Italy.

I’ve never accepted Islam’s right to kill those who do not accept Islam.  Yes, we Catholics had our Holy Crusade but we regret it and it’s been over for quite awhile.  We got over it, so should they!

I’m no longer going to refer to Indians as Native Americans (I have Indian blood and am proud of it!) nor blacks as African Americans nor Mexicans as Hispanic Americans until someone sets up a program to defend us “Swedish Americans.”  That’s about how ridiculous this PC stuff has become!  Whatever happened to us all being just Americans?

I would defend someone’s right to celebrate Islam’s religious holidays if they give me the right to celebrate Easter and Christmas.

I would accept it if women in Islamic countries choose to wear the long robes, but I resent having them consider the rest of the world sinful for wearing other attire.

In short, I’m just plain tired of another culture trying to force us to be like them.  Getting along is a two way street and Islam should understand that not everyone believes as they do.  Living in America and enjoying our freedoms should NOT include the right to completely silence anything you don’t agree with.  Wasn’t diversity what made America great?

Unfortunately,  PC police are running rampant through American society.  President Obama, who claimed he wanted to be the great uniter, has become the great divider.  He called  conservative Americans  “tea baggers and anti-government” people.  What happened to the President representing the entire American populace?

I truly think that the PC movement will kill the America I know and love and that I grew up in.  Rules are constantly being changed so that someone who worked their whole life to afford a retirement is now responsible to pay for those who loafed through life.  The government wants to take more and more of our paycheck to pay for someone else.  And, I am supposed to sit here quietly and thank them for the opportunity to “contribute” to the American dream.  Well, my dream was to work hard, retire, and enjoy our grandchildren.  Looks as though Obama and his Democrat minions have other plans for me.

Who’s looking out for those of us who followed the rules of the game?  No one.  As my sons tell me, conservative Americans, especially if we happen to be white, are the true minority in America!

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