How low will Obama go?

First he bows to a Muslim leader and now to a Japanese leader.

Isn’t it ironic that Obama, who routinely talks about discrimination that emanated from slavery, is now bowing to what are, or were, dictators.  Doesn’t he realize that he is conferring legitimacy on a form of government that Americans did not want when our country began, and still do not want?

His inexperience and self-serving goals are definitely being showcased in his Asian tour.  However, he wants to be the dictator here in America, so accepting other countries’ non-democratic institutions can only further his own goals back here.  Unfortunately, by playing a subservient role, he is making a fool of himself and our entire country!

So, rather than standing up for America, he bows to other nations.  How low will Obama go?  No one knows, but every time he bows, neither his nor America’s best side is showing!

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