Who’s the racist here?


President Obama must move beyond racism as the culprit for everything that goes wrong to a black person in America.  Without even knowing the facts, he condemns the police because the intruder was black.

Isn’t it time for blacks and other minorities to stop claiming “racism” for every fracas that they are involved in?  Whether the Harvard professor was black or white, his neighbors reported  that “someone” was breaking into that house.  How did the police know whether this was the owner or a robber, especially when the professor refused to identify himself?  What would the professor have said if the intruder had not been himself, but a real robber?

Blacks have to accept that sometimes events do not play out as they wish.  We all have the same problem.

Surely, the president is intelligent enough to know that not everything that happens to a black person is based on race.  Or, is he?

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