Do YOU understand?

A day after facing a hostile crowd at a town hall meeting in Green Bay, U.S. Rep Steve Kagen (D-WI) said people opposed to health care reform are being driven by fear and misinformation.

“They’re angry because they’re fearful, and they’re fearful of what they don’t understand,” Kagen said during a visit to the Shawano Leader Tuesday.

The proposed health care plan is just the latest in the Lieberal assault on our personal liberties.  It is not enough that they regulate the amount of water a toilet can use nor that they even decide who can run certain companies.  No.  They want to control every detail of your life, including your medical choices.

Representative Kagen of Wisconsin espoused the Democratic litany of “you don’t understand” to explain why there is so much opposition to the health care proposals.  Democrats never accept that individual Americans might have ideas that are not in accord with the lieberal agenda!  If you disagree with their plan,  according to the Democrats, you must either:  be part of an organized opposition to the plan which makes it “bad” in their opinion;  do not understand the plan;  be selfish or apathetic;  or, just plain stupid.  They maintain that they alone know what is best for ALL Americans’ health care plans.  Despite the failure of other countries who have universal health care, these buffoons continue to press toward the socialistic agenda of “free” health care.  Ha ha.  Exactly who pays for this “free” health care?  Unfortunately, it will be me, you, our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren.

As a college graduate from UW-Madison with a degree in Education, let me educate these Lieberals.

1 – I am not part of any organized group.

2 – I DO understand the plan.  I just don’t like that it taxes people who have worked hard and saved for their own futures for those who have not.  I do NOT trust the government to make better decisions for me and mine than I would or could.

3 – I do care about my fellow Americans.  My husband and I contribute substantial amounts every year to our church charities.

4 – I am NOT stupid nor are other Americans who oppose universal health care.  My husband and I both graduated from UW-Madison.  We continue to follow issues that affect our lives and those of our children.  YOUR problem is that the American public is NOT stupid and sees through your ridiculous positions and assertions!

So, it is not a question of me being opposed to the ridiculous health care plan that Obama wants because I don’t understand the concept.  It is a question of me NOT WANTING the government to run my, or anyone else’s, health care and NOT wanting the government to tax more to pay for those who choose not to save for their own health care.  My opinions are founded in fact whereas the lieberals, as usual, are expounding a philosophical viewpoint as though IT WERE FACT!

So, my question to Rep. Kagen and the other lieberals who support this bill is, what makes you think we don’t understand the issue?  And, do YOU, the Congress, understand our heartfelt opposition?

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