Someone Has To Say It

So many times I hear people bitching and moaning that they don’t get this or that. I’m here to tell you that you don’t deserve everything you think you do. I’m here to tell you what’s really happening in our everyday lives.

Men are better than women at some activities. Women are better than men at others. Don’t try to tell me Annika or Michelle Wie are better than the men. They aren’t. Don’t give me this bull-shit about Danica Patrick either. She has the best car out there, NOT the best driver.

Driver licenses are privelages. If you are muslim and don’t want your face showing on the license, tough shit. Take your god-damn towel off. Also, old people are the worst drivers on the road. I’m talking the kind of old people that remember what it was like before seat-belts. How many times am i going to see some old person driving their car into a party and killing 5. Make them take the test EVERY year. What else to they have to do?

Here is a list of things that suck; Jimmy Buffet, Forigen Cars, The Yankees, NBA, any reality show, The Daily Show and of course many more things, including lagots.

– Mr. Knowledge

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