Body Scans — new information

Just like the rush to “fix” alleged global warming which has now been proven to have been based on lies, suppressions, and outright criminal activities by pseudo scientists, so goes the story on full body scans.

Immediately after the terrorist managed to bring in explosives, hidden in his underwear, there were strident calls to implement full body scans.  I object to these on privacy grounds and because I do not want these intense xrays bombarding my body and, potentially, causing cancer.  I also object because the TSA and airports are not using current techniques and tools to the maximum right now.  If the authorities in all countries rigorously  followed the guidelines set up for airports in the U.S., this man would NOT have been onboard.

Anyway, here is another article that gives us another reason to not use full body scans.  Apparently, THEY DON’T WORK AND WOULDN’T HAVE STOPPED THE UNDERWEAR TERRORIST!

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