Terrorism and Body scans


After the failed attempt to blow up a Northwest airline flying into Detroit, there are a multitude of voices calling for more — more security, more scrutiny of passengers, and even more intrusive ways to check out passengers.  Some are trying to say that a full body scan of every passenger would prevent terrorism.  Maybe it would help in some cases, but there are countless other ways to flush out attempted terrorism.   Before anyone mandates that all passengers give up their personal privacy or submit to additional xrays, it seems wiser to implement other security measures because, even without the evidence of a body scan, there were a gazillion reasons to keep this particular passenger off the airline.

The terrorist was on the list of problematic  passengers.  He was flying on an international flight,  AND, according to some reports, he didn’t even have a passport! Most critical of all the evidence against this man is that his own father reported him as a radical and potential terrorist.    If even one of those indicators had been understood and proper procedures followed,  this threat would have been eliminated before it could happen.  Other measures should include constantly updating the computer system with profiles of potential terrorists…and, we should use those profiles.  We should insist upon a current passport.  NO ONE should be able to talk their way onto a flight without the proper ID and passport and valid boarding pass.

And, it’s time to hold someone responsible for such obvious lapses in our airline security.  Who’s to blame?  After the secure environment provided by President Bush, President Obama has gutted our security systems.  He says we are not at war with terrorism, but the terrorists haven’t heard the message!  President Obama has to stop  mollycoddling terrorists and start securing the homeland again.  And, it’s time for the media to start honestly reporting the failures of the Obama administration because, right now,  Obama is giventoo much latitude by the press even when our safety is at stake.  Remember when President Bush was berated for pausing 15 minutes to collect his thoughts before speaking out on 9/11?  Well, Obama waited several days before addressing this terrorist event…and, then, his message was to “be more vigilant”.  Wow, that’s going to stop the terrorists in their tracks!  Oh, wait. Obama was on vacation, so we shouldn’t expect him to do HIS job, right?

This particular incident occurred because of a failure by authorities to follow their own procedures.  It does NOT prove that body scans are  needed for every passenger.   What we do need is an administration that understands that terrorists are at war with us.  After all, this is not just some misguided young man who “happened” to be wearing explosives in his underwear.  We need an administration that will make sure that terrorists know they will receive the harshest punishment possible for their acts, not that they get the use of  some public defender–at our expense — and free rein to spew their hatred in a courtroom.

President Bush was castigated for playing golf after 9/11.  Well, we now have a president who takes off for Haiwaii — he needs a vacation after being in office less than a year —  when our country is in economic turmoil and our citizens threatened by unbridled terrorism.  We need President Obama to quit playing games and get down to the business of defending America and all Americans!

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