Racism & Driscrimination

So here is the long of the short as to why I am writing a post about racism. Someone where I work who is black, got a promotion because she went and bitched that the only reason she was not getting a promotion was because she’s black. Now if that was the case, then yes, that is bad. But, that is not the case. This person is loud-mouthed, comes in late everyday, has said things about people that were thought to be confidental to other people. Some of those things could have had very serious impact on some peoples lives.

Every god-damned time a black person or minority doesn’t get a job, it must be because they are being discriminated against. Sorry, doesn’t work for this guy. A great example: The NFL doesn’t have enough black coaches. Ok, and the NFL doesn’t have enough white running backs either. If you don’t get a job, it may be because you just aren’t the best person for the job.

How can the UW-Madison start accepting people based on race and ethnicity vs. their GPA and ACT scores? Because people try to be politically correct. Well PC people are more racist and discriminatory than us real world people. Race or gender should not be a consideration for admission for school, or anywhere else in this world. Why not when people apply to school, all their personal information is taken into a computer, and they are assigned a number? Then you select the best 100 people. If they are all white, well then I guess the smartest people are white. If they are black, I’d have no problem with that. Isn’t the point of a University or company to have the best applicants on the job?

The best man for the job, doesn’t get the job. It’s the man that cries racism that gets the job.

“Racism is not a color, it is an idea.” – Name Withheld

To clarify the quote above, it states that to qualify as racism, you don’t attach a color to the definition. If you get a job based on color then that is racism, even if you are a minority getting the job. Just because you are a minority you don’t get any special passes in my book, nor should you in life.

– Mr. Knowledge

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