Lagot Satire

This is a good 2-way article. I’m going to write this like I am a liberal. What’s funny about this is, liberals are going to go, oh yeah, he’s right. But convo’s are going to just be, wow libs suck.

Global warming started around 2001 when GWB cheated on votes and stole the election. Not only did he steal the election, but he’s been lying and cheating the American people since he took office. He started a recession as soon as he took office and he mastermined 9/11 in the 8 months he was in office. Also, instead of doing peace talks with Iraq, he had to cowboy in and start a war. Hillary and John Kerry were given false information that the president made up. Saddam really was a nice person, who took care of his people. Those torture chambers were put there by Rumsfield and Karl Rove so that Bush would look like he was right. Bush created hurricane Katrina because he hates black people. He is also an alcoholic and Rummy is a coke addict. These are the things I know to be 100% true, because someone told me to think like this.

Blame Bush.

-Mr. Knowledge

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