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Who owns America?

John Denver loved to sing, “This land is your land.  This land is my land.”  However, the “your” he referred to was other AMERICAN CITIZENS, not citizens of other countries.

Unfortunately, the PC police and Lieberals, along with President Obama, want even citizens of other countries, notably Muslims and Mexicans, to be able to tell US what we can do OR say!  This political correctness has gone so far that we can’t joke about Mohammed; but, it’s okay to defecate on the American flag and to use vulgarities when referring to anything Christian.  People who express their feelings publicly about homosexuality or other ethnic groups are portrayed as racists and somehow, subhuman. Athletes have even lost their jobs for expressing their honest opinions.

And, now, certain ethnic groups feel they  have the right to tell us what to  WEAR in our OWN COUNTRY!

Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

Freedom of expression or cultural disrespect on Cinco de Mayo?

Where does all this nonsense end?  Do we Americans have to let someone else dictate the laws of our own country? Whose land is America?

I say it’s  time to stop pandering to minorities, especially those who are NOT citizens;  and remember,  that in America, the majority–OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, NOT ANYONE ELSE —  is supposed to rule!

The majority of Americans are still Christians.  So, let’s stop letting one or two atheists decide what we can say or do in public.

The majority of Americans are against illegal immigration, especially any attempt to legalize those who are here illegally now.  Let’s require EVERYONE, not just Mexicans, to go through the exact same procedure to see if they qualify to be American citizens.

And, let’s stop worrying about “offending”  minorities. It’s time for minorities to grow up and understand that everyone is offended by something that others do. GET OVER IT!  The rest of us have.  After all, the Constitution guarantees the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS AND  LIBERTY, not a guarantee that any of us will be given a special pass to that happiness.

And, let’s take back this wonderful country that is OURS.  Then, once again, this land will truly be YOURS and MINE!

They’ll get less help, and like it

This might be one of the most jaw-dropping stories I’ve written about in a few months, so make sure you watch where you place your chin.

There’s a story of a mother who had a kid with an illegal immigrant.  No, that’s not the shocker.  So this child takes the name of Gonzales or Hernandez, or some name that to the blind eye would indicate Mexican.  When this kid became of age to enroll in school the mother was encouraged to have the child enrolled in ELL, or English Language Learners.  This child looks white and speaks English as a first and only language but encouraged to be in ELL because of the name.

First off, it’s racist to think because of the name of the child defines him as a certain race or ethnicity.  Secondly, these programs possibly hold back those who already have a strong grasp of the English language and don’t prepare you correctly for the future.  Then the school informed the mother that the child would be better off in the ELL classes and be taught better, implying that the regular curriculum is not as good and you will only get good results through ELL.

Just another example of holding back the needs of the majority of students, ~99%, and pandering to the ~1%.

Mr. Knowldge

ILLEGAL Immigration Pt. 1

Illegal immigration – The act of moving to or settling in another country or region, temporarily or permanently (“immigrating”), without documents permitting an immigrant to settle in that country. – Wikipedia

I just read an article that Hazleton, Penn is being sued by all these ACLU groups because they are strict on illegals. Any business or person who hires an illegal can be fined. And, oh my god, they want everyone to speak english.

Let’s break this down. Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. So anyone hiring an illegal immigrant should be fined because they are helping someone break the law. Secondly, having one central language that everyone knows will help with communication. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a McDonalds or other fast food restraunt and can’t understand a damn thing the guy is saying because he can’t speak english that well.

What do the liberals say about this? They have a few classic liberal defenses.

We are all immigrants. Yes, but don’t forget to put the word illegal infront of that. The whole thing is they are ‘breaking’ into our country. Am I talking about the people who wait 10 years to be accepted into the country legally? No. I’m talking about those people who try to sneak over our boarders.

They just want a chance at life. Poppy cock. If that was the case they’d try to learn our language and work their way to a better life. All I see is a bunch of Burger King employess.

The fact remains is they want a free pass into the high life that so many Americans have had to fight for. I’m sorry, America has fought in countless wars for ourselves and for others. My great grandparents and my grandparents had to work their asses off to get in this country, yet those liberals want to pamper to these illegals and give them the free pass.

– Mr. Knowledge