ILLEGAL Immigration Pt. 1

Illegal immigration – The act of moving to or settling in another country or region, temporarily or permanently (“immigrating”), without documents permitting an immigrant to settle in that country. – Wikipedia

I just read an article that Hazleton, Penn is being sued by all these ACLU groups because they are strict on illegals. Any business or person who hires an illegal can be fined. And, oh my god, they want everyone to speak english.

Let’s break this down. Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. So anyone hiring an illegal immigrant should be fined because they are helping someone break the law. Secondly, having one central language that everyone knows will help with communication. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a McDonalds or other fast food restraunt and can’t understand a damn thing the guy is saying because he can’t speak english that well.

What do the liberals say about this? They have a few classic liberal defenses.

We are all immigrants. Yes, but don’t forget to put the word illegal infront of that. The whole thing is they are ‘breaking’ into our country. Am I talking about the people who wait 10 years to be accepted into the country legally? No. I’m talking about those people who try to sneak over our boarders.

They just want a chance at life. Poppy cock. If that was the case they’d try to learn our language and work their way to a better life. All I see is a bunch of Burger King employess.

The fact remains is they want a free pass into the high life that so many Americans have had to fight for. I’m sorry, America has fought in countless wars for ourselves and for others. My great grandparents and my grandparents had to work their asses off to get in this country, yet those liberals want to pamper to these illegals and give them the free pass.

– Mr. Knowledge

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