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I just think it’s funny how LIEberals didn’t want another Bush in office before the 2000 election, yet are fully willing to want Billary to get into office. This is quite amazing if you ask me. A woman, if she is one, who has no real experiance with public office, and her only claim to fame is turning the other cheek when Bill cheated on her numerous times. How can you trust someone like that? I can’t.

Now, I never was a McCainer support from the beginning. And, yes, I would take many of the other candidates, such as Tancredo or Romney, but McCain is still better than the alternative. Watching Ann Coulter the other night say she would vote Billary over McCain made me laugh. If she was serious, then she’s lost it. If she was joking, then thank God.

McCain should win alot of the moderate voters through most of the states. That leaves the LIEberal voters who will vote for the Democratic candidate, and the Conservative voters voting for the Republican candidate. There is no way a Conservative should NOT vote for McCain in this election. McCain may not embody what I believe or alot of Conservatives, but he sure embodies more than Billary or Obama.

Speaking of Obama, did you see he claims he was opposed to the war in ’02 when it was up for vote? Well I’m so glad he did. But, wait, looking over his time in the Sennate, he wasn’t even elected until 2004. So, how was he against the war when it was up for vote when he wasn’t even in office?

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