The scales of Justice are “Hanging in the Balance”

Our country, everyone agrees, was founded on a set of laws to allow equal justice for every citizen.  However, in today’s world, it fails more often than not  because the people who were elected or hired to work in the judicial system bring their own biases to court EVERY day.  And, evidence is burnished until it supports the lawyer’s needs. 

We are witnessing the injudicious,  judicial system every day in the senate race in Minnesota.  In Senator Coleman’s case, his opponent is using every political power –asking the United States Senate for help — and even every court –can these previously excluded ballots be counted? — to find enough votes to win this Senate seat.  Because the Democrats are currently in power,  we have seen the original vote count for Senator Coleman drop and every day, it seems, new “votes” are added to the Democrat’s tally.    It isn’t fair, but this is just one more instance of how our judicial system favors the “in” crowd rather than adhering to the lofty standards set so many years back.

Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for judges to rule on cases where either they or a relative have a vested interest in the outcome.  We have seen this happen and can attest to the pain involved for the litigant who is on the “wrong” side of the fence.  The unfairness of our court system has completely changed my outlook on capital punishment.  I used to favor death  for convicted, violent criminals……but, no more.  Having seen the justice system and how it operates, I no longer believe that most trials are  “fair” .  There are too many lawyers who bend issues into the “facts” as they want them to be.  There are too many judges who accept what court-appointed personnel say, rather than checking out whether the court personnel’s opinions are based on verifiable facts.  And, there are too many opportunities for sneaky lawyers to morph evidence  into completely erroneous “facts”.

For a judicial system such as ours to be viable, it demands that the participants be honest men and women who strive for a fair verdict.  In the Minnesota senate race, it appears that the Democrats have adopted an attitude not of fairness, but of win at all costs.  Unfortunately, their zeal for victory, regardless of the consequences, threatens all of us because we need justice to be blind.  It appears that the scales of Justice are “hanging in the balance” thanks to blind ambition and unchecked favoritism.  Today in Minnesota, and tomorrow in your town,  it appears that the scales of justice swing to and fro, depending on who is in power!

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