A shoe up your ass.

So everyone heard about the story of the Iraqi journalist throwing shoes at President Bush. If not, Read This!

I’m not going to sit here and talk about the lunatic who threw the shoe with a brain that’s atrophied from lack of learning or education. No, this is more about what this one event means to me, and should mean to you. It shows that other countries not only do not respect Bush anymore, they don’t respect Americans. We are without a doubt the most powerful nation in the world. I mean, it’s not even close, but, those on the left have tried to tear us down throughout the past 8 years. It’s a little too obvious that LIEberals would rather win office and seats in the legislature, than win a war on terror.

I mean, a win against terrorism and tyranny around the world is what haunts LIEberals in their dreams (how LIEberals sleep with all that guilt is something science should study). You can’t sanction a group of people who are willing to kill themselves just to kill some of us, but LIEberals would make you believe that.

Whether the intentions were right or wrong, you cannot deny that Iraqi’s now have more freedoms than before. But, with the constant media pressure to the contrary, people around the world believe that a coward named Saddam treated his people better than the American military. I smell bullshit. This brings me back to my point. Others don’t respect Americans, because LIEberals do not respect Americans. What if we showed the same respect, or lack there of to a member of another country? Holy-hell would there be an uproar.

– Mr. Knowledge

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