Democrats steal more votes!

Oh, wait.  That isn’t a headline.  It is a fait accompli in Minnesota where the Franken team appears to have found enough votes to finally put him ahead of Senator Coleman.

How can you find votes?  Well, you double count the absentee ballots until you have the number you want — whether it means that more ballots than voters came out of a voting place or not!  You make sure that even formerly ineligible ballots are now counted, and, of course, counted YOUR way.  Then, you get the powers-that-be, who happen to be Democrats, to rule your way on every issue.

Vote tampering is a Federal crime…unless, that is, that you are a Democrat.  Then, anything goes.  In Minnesota as in Illinois as in New York, you can count on being elected (or appointed) if  you are a Democrat.  The others might just as well save their money because, by hook or by crook, the Democrats are determined to win.  It is a shame that the Democratic victories are mostly “by crook”, or crooks, but that is how it is in today’s world!

So, lead on Al.  Why should you be any different than other Democrats?   From loss to victory, from voting booth to voting booth, from almost 800 behind to over 200 ahead…..that is the Al Franken legacy for Minnesota.

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