Obama Means Change… Riiight

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Obama means change. Change, as in what he says and what he does. His whole campaign was against the multi-million dollar companies. He’s not even into office and he’s already picked someone who is FOR the multi-million dollar industry, and not for the ”little” man as he claims.

It’s not just Obama, and it’s not JUST the LIEberals who do this. BUT, it’s much, much more prevalent on their side. Obama is still weeks away from inauguration and he’s already in flip-flop mode. The promises he made sound all good and cheery and even I would like to see some of the things he said come true, but it’s downright impossible. Just mathematically speaking his policies make no sense. Reduce taxes and increase services will let the economy grow. Ok, that almost works. He ran as a pro-tech guy having speeches on YouTube and other web tools, but when it’s time to make a decision he falls right back to whatever devious plan he has, not to what he says. Had this been Bush who said one thing and did another, the media and all the lib-tards would be up in arms over what he says and does.

Obama has bamboozled the American people into voting for him, because he seems like a shining light, a glimmer of hope, change. How has he changed anything? He’s right back to lying and deceitful tactics that the LIEberals claim the Bush administration had. If you claim the Bush administration said one thing and did another, then you should be up in arms about Obama too. Change only happens when an honest, decent American gets elected President. Change better happen in 2012.

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