No news is good news……….

At least, for the Israeli army, they have decided to conduct this battle as a military exercise, not just another news event!   But, as usual, the media think they are entitled to be part of everything, including  military action, whether it helps or hurts the process.  So, today, the media  are lamenting their exclusion and lambasting the Israelis for refusing to allow news coverage of the current battles in Gaza.  I say, “hurrah” for the Israeli army who are  conducting themselves as a military unit and not as babysitters for those who would pad their resumes with the conflict!

I never believed that news reporters had any business in war zones for many reasons.  After all,   soldiers are hired to fight, not to act as bodyguards for reporters .  The presence of reporters means that soldiers have to look out for the reporters rather than  themselves or other soldiers.  And, if one soldier suffers just because some media outlet thinks they have a “right” to be in a war zone, then that is one soldier too many. 

I mean.  What is the advantage of reporters being right at the scene of conflict?  Does it help create Peace?  It would be difficult for even the most Lieberal Democrat to prove that news reporting advances any kind of Peace. To the contrary, the media has become a cess pool of Lieberal agendas and, too often, that agenda drives the reporting, rather than the truth!  It is no surprise that the Israelis, who have been savaged in the past by the media, have decided to exclude foreign journalists!  I am glad that the Israelis finally have the strength of will to fight not only the continuous bombing of southern Israel by the Palestinians, but also the political courage to tell others to just “butt out”.  I am glad that this conflict will be conducted by military professionals and not the “experts” in the media!

Yes, Israeli is right to protect their soldiers by excluding news reporters.  In this case, no news is good news for everyone but the reporters!

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