The joke’s on us!

Immediately after the last election, Norm Coleman was ahead by almost 800 votes.  But, somehow, the joker (Franken) managed to “find” enough votes so that now he claims to be 49 votes ahead of Senator Coleman!  It is another case of how the Democrats will do everything and anything to win. 

Everyone knows that in most card games,  the jokers are thrown out of the deck.  And that’s what should have happened with Franken.  But, no.  In these Lieberal times, no one is bothered by so many votes being discovered, especially if those votes appear to have been cast for the Democrat.  So, now we face the unpleasant prospect of a candidate who truly stole an election being seated in our august Senate.  Is it any wonder that this fiasco is happening when the Democratic governor in Illinois is willing to sell a Senate seat?  Few of us voters are surprised any more by these immoral activities.  Unfortunately,  everyone also knows that the Democratic partyhas become the party of illusion and collusion.

Let’s get real!  Where in America can you get a job if you are unqualified?  In real life, that doesn’t happen.  But, politicians are a whole different kettle of catfish!  If you can’t get a real job and work an honest day’s pay, don’t worry.  You, too, can be a politician!

After all, if you truly consider the Minnesota Senate race,  giving Franken the Senate seat would be like giving Caroline  Kennedy  a Senate seat from New York?  After all, neither she nor he have any experience in government and neither is qualified for a Senate seat.  Oh, wait.  Neither was the Democratic Presidential candidate, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from putting him into office.    

Politics has truly become the last refuge of crooks, illegal antics, and downright criminal behaviour.  And, with the Democrats running the show, it isn’t likely to end any time soon. 

For those of us who expected our government to truly and honestly represent us, it is no longer funny.  Unfortunately,  the joke’s on us!

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